How I Updated our bedroom on a budget

After 20 plus years of essentially sharing our bedroom with our kids, I decided it was time to upgrade it. We are undertaking a major renovation project at the end of the year which will include our bedroom, however I could not wait until then, I wanted to make some changes now...perhaps a symptom of empty nest syndrome. Also with the onset of winter I wanted a nice cosy and slightly more stylish room. 

Master bedroom prior to update

Master bedroom prior to update


My husband couldn't see the point of doing anything to the room as we going to be renovating at the end of the year. So I knew that it wouldn't be fair to get him involved, so getting him to help was not going to be an option!.  Therefore I had to set myself some boundaries;

  • no painting
  • no new furniture
  • no new bedding

One big bonus was that I had already purchased a new upholstered headboard. A new headboard was always going to be included in the renovation later in the year, however one came up on special that I really wanted to so I got it. It was to be stored until later but well I just couldn`t wait. So at least I had one new piece of furniture to play with. 

The new headboard

The new headboard


The plan

Apart from the new headboard, I was a bit stumped with what I could do, that...well...would tart up our bedroom.  After a number of hours spent staring at the room I ventured upon a cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasle!!! (it's a quote from Blackadder!)

In the end I came up with just four changes that I hoped would make the difference that I wanted;

  • Move the placement of the bed and the bedside cabinets
  • Upgrade the bedside lamps and lamp shades
  • Put up curtains
  • Change out the old headboard for the new one

The work

This first thing I did was to remove the old bedhead and set up the new one. As I had to move the bed around in the room it was not a big job.  I decided to place the old headboard into the spare guest room and am surprised by how good it looks. It was also an opportunity to give everything a good spring clean and freshen up the linen. 

The bedside cabinets are on the large side, which means that it is a tight fit to get the bed and both cabinets betweens the doors. It has been useful to experiment with this as I now know that when we complete the full renovations we will need to rethink the best options for the bedside furniture as there is really not a lot of space

Beside the bedhead, the curtains were the only other item that I actually purchased. To get the effect I was after I wanted simple sheer curtains. One large single curtain to go across the window and two at either end to give texture and depth. It was just a matter of rumbling through the special bins at the local Spotlight store to find what I was after.  I was lucky to pick up what I wanted for $70.

Once home I did iron out the curtains to smooth out all the fold's always a good hint to iron the curtains as it gets rid of all the lines and enables them to hang nicely.

Master bedroom new curtains

Master bedroom new curtains

Traditionally I do not decorate the house for seasons, which seems to be a thing! Really do not need more stuff and storage of it for 6 months of the year!. However I did go all out and put out the winter throw on the bed. This brings a nice cosy feel to the room. 

The last and biggest job was the upgrade of the lamps. Actually I think the lamps made the biggest difference to the room. Honestly I was sooo pleased with how they turned out. It was not a difficult job, just needed a bit of spray paint and new shades. If you are interested in how I did this, just check out my post here where I share all the details on redoing the lamps.

The look

Master bedroom with new headboard and lamps

Master bedroom with new headboard and lamps

I am so happy with how everything came together, it's just want I needed and provides a nice update to keep me going until the full renovation. Surprisingly it has been really helpful for me in planning and designing the renovations as there are some things that I will need to reconsider to make the space more functional.

So there you have it another simple and easy way to turn a bit of a frumpy space into a great place. 

I would love to hear from you on thoughts for the upcoming renovation. What would you do in this space? All ideas welcome.