How to solve Christmas present ideas for kids

Question! Can you create christmas gift ideas for kids that includes boredom busters, has fun items for the holidays and solves some back to school shopping!  Answer! Yes you can. I have got the solution and I think my adorable little niece and super dude nephew will love their creative present from their favourite Aunty and Uncle. Also am pretty sure my bro and sis in law will appreciate the presents too.

Kids Christmas present ideas


Ok so they are backpacks, not very original here, however it's the whole package that I think makes these christmas present ideas for kids so good.

The Problem

This time of year can be really hard work for Mums and Dads of younger kids. Not only are you having to deal with getting ready for Christmas, you also have to sort out school holidays. It is sometimes true madness. I recall those times when my two where young, it's hard work especially if you are working full time. So when it came to thinking about presents for wee M and H, I wanted to try and provide something that was entertaining for the kids as well as solving a problem for Mum and Dad. 

I got thinking and decided that the present needed to have the following items;

  • Summer holiday kit
  • Boredom busters
  • Christmas theme gifts
  • Back to school items

The Idea

My a hah moment was when I came up with the idea of getting them backpacks each. The first thing this is going to solve is to provide them both with backpacks for the new school year, thereby saving Mum and Dad a job. 

Now I just needed to fill up the bag with all sorts of goodies that would cover the remaining items, summer holiday kit, Christmas theme gifts and entertainment activities.

The Solution

It was such a shame that the solution required me to shop at Kmart! Yes I am one of those Kmart fans, sorry but they do have some great items (and some rubbish) and it's fun. The great thing for me was that I managed to get everything I needed in one shop and it didn't cost the earth.

So what did I get; 

Summer Holiday kit

  • Beach towel
  • Water bottle
  • Glow sticks (great for camping)

Boredom Busters

  • Mini microscope (really good for checking out the bugs in the garden)
  • Drawing and colouring book
  • Colour pencils
  • Stationery pack

Christmas theme gifts

  • Chocolate Santas
  • Wallet/purse to hold any Christmas money
Boredom busters


Back to School 

  • Backpack
Christmas present ideas for kids


I'm pretty sure wee M and H will be happy with their backpacks full of goodies and get hours of fun and entertainment over the summer and into the school year.

There are lots of other gift ideas that you could use, some suggestions are;

Inflatable beach equipment, swimming goggles, DVD's, Reading books, pencil cases, pens, craft sets, movie vouchers, knuckle bones, Rubix cube, MnM`s, Choc bars, and the list goes on.

You could even fill the backpacks up like a Santa sack or Christmas stocking. It is really only your imagination and purse that will limit you here.

So there you have it, my boredom busters, back to school, and christmas gift all in one! Can`t really get better than that if you are a kid and parent alike!.

Hopefully this has inspired you if you are stuck for some ideas for kids christmas presents.

I would love to hear what creative christmas gift ideas you have come up with.

Tidying with Tania