How I get my towels and sheets white, fluffy and smelling divine!

Notice a theme this month........! Yeah it's all about cleaning. It's seems that whenever we are entering into a new season, be it spring or autumn, we do a bit of cleaning and sorting out, often involving bed linen and towels.  So as a follow on from my last post about my home made cleaners, I thought I would share some of my tips on how I get my towels and sheets, white, fluffy and smelling divine.



Keeping them White

One of the best things about going to a nice hotel is the gorgeous white towels and linen. Oh how we wish we could have these at home!!!  Actually you can and it's not that hard. 

"Change your towels and linen at least weekly and soak them"

We change our sheets once a week because as we always have a shower before bed, so the sheets remain fairly fresh over the week. If you don`t shower last thing at night and sweat a bit then I would suggest to change twice a week, well that's me anyway. If you are my son then you would probably change them once a year if you could get away with it!!!

Again with the towels it really depends on who is using them and how dirty they get. I use white face cloths to clean my face (after washing first) and also white towels. I only change these once a week, however twice a week is probably better. Towels do have a tendency to trap moisture and mold, so if you can keep them dry and fresh this helps to reduce that. Before I wash them, I soak them overnight in a bucket with  in EcoStore whitener. I do the same with the sheets if they are starting to look a bit yellow and tied.

To reduce the makeup stains on towels and face cloths, use face wipes or a good face wash first. Also consider having a separate dark coloured face cloth just for your makeup.  Also for tanning lotion residue you could have a specific dark coloured towel. 

Twice a week I change the kitchen towels and sponges and as with the other bathroom towels I soak them in the whitener. I also do this with my dirty towels from cleaning.

I find that by soaking them regularly this does really help to keep them nice and white. 


Getting them Fluffy

Just to clarify I am specifically talking about the towels!. I do not use fabric conditioner or any form of clothes softener as these tend to build up residue of grease and grim in the weave of the towels. 

The simplest and easiest way, which I am sure most people know about, is to either dry them in the clothes dryer or get them off the line when they are nearly dry and put them in the clothes dryer to get that last bit of drying. Your towels will always come out fluffy and warm...yummy.

Once a month I mix a bit of baking soda and vinegar together and just pop it in the wash with the towels. This does really help to get any build up of grease and grim off the towels. It makes them feel just like new again.

Making them smell divine

This trick has probably been around for years, however I have only started this a few years back , thanks to  At Home with Nikki  .  I discovered the use of essential oils in cleaning the house and helping it to smell nice.

I just put a few drops of Lavender oil on a clean, dry cloth and put it in the dryer with the towels and sheets. Hmmmm, they come out smelling so nice and warm ...heaven! I also make up a linen spray that I use to spray on the linen in my linen closet.


Tools of the Trade

In the laundry I have all my "ingredients" corralled and in jars on the bench. I put the baking soda, whitener and washing powder into their own jars. This way they are always on hand and I can see how much I have left (that's why putting them into jars is great). I also distill the vinegar into a glass bottle so it's easy to get and mix up with the baking soda. I do keep my essential oils away in the cupboards as they are best kept out of the light.


I plan to do a blog on how I use essential oils in the home and will provide more details and recipes then, so keep an eye on this coming up soon.

Well there you have it, three easy steps to follow. White towels and sheets look lovely in bathrooms and on the beds, so if you were afraid to own white towels and sheets don`t be, just enjoy them.

To help you on your way, I have created FREE guide which summarises the tips above, so you can have it on hand as a resource

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