Let me eat cake or just sour cream and chive potato chips

This blog was supposed to be all about "how I organised my daughters 21st. Clearly it isn`t!  Having gotten over the excitement and emotional journey of the 21st party, the planning and hosting, I was looking forward to sharing all the details on the decorations, menu planning etc etc. But oh no my "i just can`t be bothered brain" kicked in and to be honest I just wanted curl up on the couch, binge on Netflix while eating chips and beer.....is that so bad really! It was going to be the leftover birthday cake, however I really had a bit too much of it, so I b-lined it to the chips...once the bags open thats it, I can`t stop!.  I just felt like I lost my mojo and actually felt pretty overwhelmed!   

I was feeling really excited as I could now start to "organise and plan" for the pack up and move for the renovations (only got 2 weeks to go before the builders start).  We needed to pack up all of the upstairs which consists of Kitchen, bathroom, ensuite, master bedroom, two guest rooms, dining room, lounge, hallway and entry, so the builders can start to demo and gut the areas. We were going to sit down and plan out this big job, so it could be stressless, nice and orderly! But....!!!

The Incident

I had just finished my yoga, hmm a few down dogs and farts, feeling relaxed and was starting on downloading the photos from the party when I heard, thumping and crashing noises from upstairs. Off I went to investigate and discovered Pete and the neighbour ripping up the carpet in both bedrooms!. Now to explain Pete and I thought it would be a great idea to advertise on Neighbourly (Community website) to give away the carpet as we are replacing it. It would be a great help to us to have someone take it away and reuse. In my silly head I didn`t even think about people would want to come and take it away now.  So here I was none the wiser that this was going on and was faced with carpet everywhere and furniture all over the place with stuff pulled out and displaced everywhere...yep you guessed it I was just a tad freaked out as my master plan if a stressless, nice and orderly move had just been blown to outer space...like the dudes rocket who wanted to prove the earth was flat!!!

However I had to remain calm and offer my help as it was actually a great thing that the carpet was being removed. Luckily the sheer physical work to move the furniture and roll up the carpet and move took all my energy and my freaking out anxiety...so boom! there was a sliver lining, always got to look for that bloody silver lining.

So we continued, moving onto the lounge and the dinning room, shifting the furniture to one side of the room, rolling up the carpet and underlay then shifting the furniture to the other side and rolling the last half, lifting big rolls of carpet into our neighbours Tardis of a van.  By 9pm the upstairs was pretty much empty of carpet and well it was a chaotic mess with furniture and stuff all over the place.  


The Reaction

One side of my brain is going, this is great to get rid of all the carpet and so quickly and easily and the other side was running around in circles going, with arms waving in the air going, "OMG...where do I start" . I am not sure about you but I find mess and disorgansiation very stressful.....well I know it's pretty obvious really!. I needed to reset myself and get my mojo back!. The cat's present of the dead mouse on the stairs didn't help much either!

The Recovery

So this blog is more about me sharing my reality at the moment and trying to get a sense of calm amongst my chaos!!! arggghhh. In some ways this is about me putting into practice what I preach!! One of the first things I always do when feeling like this is to do a brain dump, listing out everything that you need to do, no order just get it all out. It does help me to resume normal transmission. 

The brain dump

brain dump.JPG
  • Set up downstairs kitchen, including a coffee station and mini pantry
  • Decide what we need to take from kitchen to use for 3 months
  • Set up downstairs bathroom 
  • Pack up the ensuite and decide what to move
  • Pack up guest bathroom
  • Re house all the pot plants 
  • Move into the guest room - shifting wardrobe and bedroom furniture and bedding
  • Take all art work off the walls
  • Clear all furniture from the entry and dinning room
  • Pack up the kitchen
  • Get cardboard boxes for storing items
  • Buy large storage  bags 
  • Purge our wardrobe 
  • Pack up our bedroom 
  • Remove the wallpaper from the kitchen and living room
  • Get new seats for downstairs deck
  • Source power extension cords and multi boxes
  • stack the furniture up in the lounge
  • get cover clothes
  • finish removing the carpet 
  • remove all the tacks from the bare floor

For some reason it always makes me feel better getting this listed out, the good old brain dump. It's a bit like the rebooting the computer!. So starting to feel better now and like "you got this"!

The next mission is to work out what to do first, yep the good old prioritise. I find that working backwards helps, not literally of course but in terms of the timeframes. To help me do this I use this simple printable resource from Strange & Charmed . There are really good planning resources on this site and Alexis has great videos and other resources available so check it out.

I have created two "Projects" or goals;

  1. Clear out all of the upstairs by the 3rd December - For the Builders start on the 4th Dec
  2. Set up Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and living area downstairs - For move in on the 3rd Dec

Now that I have the two goals stated it is a lot easier to work through the big to do list and "allocate" them to the appropriate goal. Having detailed the timeframe as well so I can work out what actions need to be done when to ensure I get the end goal achieved within my timeframe.

The last step is to work through the number of days left and assign the actions over each day, ideally leaving a free day on the last day. On which I will be sleeping in and watching Netflix while eating Sour cream & chive potato chips and drinking beer!!!

email signature mock up.png



Chaos to calm

Overwhelmed, that is a good way to describe how I felt at the start of this week.

My life at present is pretty crazy, it certainly feels like it. I keep loading up things to achieve. My to do list and goals are constantly expanding. I have the normal challenges of working full time and managing family and have now added to this with my wee business and blog that I am starting to develop. Boy I feel tied just writing this.

By Sunday night my head was all over the place, I was completely overwhelmed.  I knew I had to figure a way through this otherwise I would get to the point of inertia. This is when you end up actually doing nothing and just feel worse because you have not achieved anything.

I know we have all been here plenty of times. So I thought I would share with you what I did to get myself back on track, getting things done and feeling good.

Time out

Stop and take time out

No distractions, no phone , no social media, no computer, just allow yourself to think. For me early mornings are my best thinking times, when it's nice and quiet and the day is breaking, it's actually a very peaceful time of the day.  So I made myself a cup of tea and just contemplated life for an hour. First thing I realised is that I had not done this for a while. I am sure this contributed to how I was feeling.  During this time I thought about times when I was really efficient and achieving my goals, what was different, what was I actually doing well. I also thought about what are my priorities.

Decide your Priorities

I know that for me I get my thinking time while running and I had not been running for a while...always too busy. So that was a good learning for me, identifying my priority, what I need to always do so that when it came to choosing, my run comes first. I also realised that my balance with work and family was out of whack. It was important for me to get that balance back which meant I needed to spend less time on my side hustle but still be just as effective. I needed to be a lot more efficient with my time.

Family and Exercise (running) are my priorities and need to be my "always first things". It was really important for me to get that reset.

Maximise your time

During the week I have to fit a full day of work, home chores, family time, exercise, socialising and building a wee business. The weekends are even busier as I load up lots of chores and try and get lots done on the wee business. I had thought that I was pretty efficient with my time but ohh no, this is a whole new level.

I realised that I was going to have to block out my time at home to achieve everything. This is a really effective technique which I use at work. I break my day into blocks of time of allocate tasks for each section. It really makes you focused on completing the task and you have to move onto the new one. For me this really works and you can achieve a lot !!!!!.

I worked out a daily timetable for after work, thinking about what I needed to do most days after work, always ensuring that my priorities come first. I went through it with Pete so he could ensure that he helps me stick to it.

Weekly Planning

As you know I am a big fan of planners. I have two , A Kikki K for home and personal and a Erin Condren for tidyingwithtania.com

Kikki K Planner inside

So I took my new daily timetable and adjusted my weekly planning.  I also took the time to do a brain dump of all the things in my head. This step is actually the best, it really helps you to clear your head , it's almost like a data down load. I went through what I already had listed and prioritized. Overloading my week with too many task was a problem I had to tackle. This time I decided to give myself less but more achievable tasks and goals over a week.

I really thought about the goals I have for the business and realigned the tasks I must do to achieve them. I then mapped them out over the week, this time within the new timeframe that I have created.

ec 1

Overall it took me less than 2 hours to get back on track and feel so much better because I felt like I had control and order back.

So how did my week go? It has been great. All my goals and important task were achieved. I have spent lot more time with the family this week as well as important actions with the business. Pete has been really great at making me stick to my timetable.

I am sure that I will have to make some tweaks from time to time, however it's been such a great way to reset myself and achieve my goals.

So if you are feeling the same I hope that this may help you find a way through.

Hugs and smiles