How I did my Christmas decor on a budget

What would December be without a blog about Christmas decorations. It is a fun time of year, albeit busy and a time for us decorators to let loose on the house, making it as festive as we can. I could go crazy on Christmas decorations, however thankfully my wallet does not allow it at present....but I still want to be surrounded by nice decorations. So the challenge for me this year was to do my christmas decorating on a budget. I needed to get to a bit creative! See how I got on!

Say hi to an old family favourite, given to us by my beautiful Auntie Odette, he still holds pride of place with the Christmas stockings.

Colour Theme

To help keep some focus to my decorations this year...(my eyes do wander to bright shiny things) I chose a colour theme, something that suits the colour and tones of my home decor and incorporates my existing Christmas decorations. So gold and silver it is, I just needed to get a bit more silver to balance out the gold of which I have a lot.

There are so many beautiful colour themes, just go on Pinterest or on Instagram and you will get inspired left right and centre!

Bargain Hunting 

New lights for the Christmas Tree this year would be great, however I decided to wait for the New Year sales to pick up some good ones. So I just added some silver garland from the $2 Shop that helped to balance out the gold on the tree. 

In one of my Hospice Shop trips I managed to find a bag of silver decorations which I picked up for 50c.  I took the silver baubles and just put them into a glass vase. I placed them on a shelf that gets the afternoon sun, so when it shines through they look like lights!  Boom... free lights!

My favourite cheap xmas decoration find was three "wreaths", again from the $2 Shop. They had big, rather ugly red bows, on them and nothing else so they did look cheap. I simply took the bows off and used them to surround my table centre pieces, and I think they look awesome!

Yes that is supposed to be mistletoe! It was a whole bouquet which I just broke up and placed around some plain candles, simple and very inexpensive christmas decorations.

How cute are the reindeer, these and the new pine garland were the only items I splurged on. Well maybe not splurged. The reindeer were on special, 50% off, at Farmers. so I got both for $20, fyi, they still have great specials on all the Christmas decorations.

The new garland ($30) got to surround the stereo stand as that is our "fire place" where we hang the Santa sacks. As it was plain, I just used a jute ribbon that I had brought from Spotlight and placed some bows that were in the 50c Hospice Shop bag. I also managed to get some little LED lights at Kmart for $12 which I placed in the garland. Just a hint, if you like Jute, don't buy the Christmas themed ribbons, just got the craft section and get the plain/patterned jute. They are a lot cheaper and you get much better length.  I got both rolls of ribbons for $7 each.

Another use of the $2 Shop silver garland was to wrap around the stair banister, to add a bit of texture and colour I used a different jute ribbon, black and gold.


This is not all my decoration, however it is the best examples on how to do Christmas decorating on a budget.  The great thing is that you can just keep adding to your collection each year.  And do make sure that you take advantage of the Christmas sales in the New Year. 

I hope I have inspired you with some cheap Xmas decoration ideas. 

Happy Decorating and don't forget to share your great decoration tips.